Steady Cook Touch-Ten layers combi steamer

What is a combi steamer?The universal steaming oven is a kitchen equipment that combines a steamer, an oven and smart cooking. It has a grilling/steaming/steam


What is a combi steamer?

The universal steaming oven is a kitchen equipment that combines a steamer, an oven and smart cooking. It has a grilling/steaming/steaming mode. It is a heat generated by a heat pipe. The heat generated by the heat pipe is made by a special eddy current fan. Blowing into the interior of the oven, the temperature inside the oven rises rapidly, and the food is baked. At the same time, the water is sprayed into the heating pipe and the water is generated by the boiler to increase the humidity inside the oven, so that the ingredients can reach the tender and juicy taste of the outer coke. It combines the advantages of quick frying, cooking and roasting. The cooking time is short, the raw materials are not shrinking and juicy, and the aroma, color and crispy skin can be increased. 

The STEADY COOK TOUCH is the top-class programmable series with gaphic touch-screen 7-inch color. The innovative system allows you to store data up to 99 recipes with 6 cooking steps. The USB port allows you to store data and to update the software with new features and recipes. Self-diagnosis, adjustment of humidity, adjustmentof fan speed up to 10 levels with inverter, core temperaturc probe and an accurate automatic washing system are among the main features that make Coven convection ovens simple and reliable

Ten layers combi steamer (display touch screen)
Model:10 EMD pro
Outside dimension:940*820*1110mm
Inside dimension:634*360*670mm
Net weight118KG

 Steady cook system display:




Stored libraries and programmable cooking functions: maintenance,deltat, regeneration, low temperature and under vacuum. Automatic washing programs. Self-diagnosis and remote upgrade Multilan-guage software and vocabulary



Wide view.Intuitive graphical interface.Quick and easy functions selection



Regeneration to obtain color,taste and texture same as those of the food freshly cooked.  Rapid cooling of the cooking chamber to optimize the timing . Automatic washing with three cycles: soft,medium and hard



Possibility of saving customized cooking programs.

Library preloaded especially manufactured and tested in our laboratories. Update and data backup via USB 

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