700S French Gas Cooker with Iron Hot-Plate with Cabinet

Customizable stainless steel, free combination.

Import electrical components.

Export to each country.

700 series western food equipment



#1. Unique and Beautiful Slopped Front Panel Design;

#2. Adjustable Feet, Place Stably and Steadily;

#3. Key Spare Parts are Imported from Italy and Germany;

#4. Multi Choice according to Customers Requirements;

#5. Movable Oil Collecting Tray, Easy to Clean;

#6. Fireproof Stainless Steel Reflecting Board Heating, Strong Firepower;

#7. Equipped with Pilot;

#8. Equipped with Safety Device(Thermocouple);

#9. Autmatic Fire Starter;

#10. Unique Fireproof Grill Helps Release Oil Residue.


French Gas Cooker with Iron Hot-Plate with Cabinet

Product Name French Gas Cooker with Iron Hot-Plate with Cabinet
Model E-RQF-700
Dimensions 70*70*(85+6)cm
Power  10 kw
Net Weight 93 kg
French Hot-plate Dim 62*53 cm
Good quality stainless steel, accessories from the top quality supplier, anti-heating materials used throughout, easy to clean, and the burners are made from high pressure castings to provide the steady flame, installed safety device to prevent gas leakage. Italy PEL valve or Taiwan ALPHA. The valve is CE certified. With fire observation hole.
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