Gas Fryer with Two Tank include Two Basket with Cabinet

The whole fryer adopts stainless steel body, high-efficiency heat, temperature control function, sturdy and durable. This machine can be widely used in restaurants, canteens, hotels.

#1. Adjust the temperature with a thermostat to control the heating temperature of the electric heating tube to ensure the oil temperature.


#2. It takes only 9.5 minutes to heat the oil to 195 ℃.


#3. With temperature limit device, over temperature protection function, manual reset, safe and reliable.


#4. Set insulation board inside to improve thermal efficiency and prevent external overheating.


#5. During use, do not touch the electric heating tube and oil to avoid burns.


#6. Accessories: double screen 32*13*13 X2


#7. Temperature range: 50 ℃ - 190 ℃.

Gas Fryer with Two Tank include Two Basket with Cabinet

Product Name Gas Fryer with Two Tank include Two Basket with Cabinet
Model XKE-RQZ-900
Dimensions 80*90*(85+12) cm
Net Weight 110kg
Oil Tank Volume (17L-20L)*2
Power  31kw
Basket Size 32*25*13 (ONE Basket)
32*13*13 (TWO Basket)


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