Gas Tilting Wok

The whole wok adopts stainless steel body, high-efficiency heat, temperature control function, sturdy and durable. This product is widely used in restaurants, canteens, hotels, etc.
Italy PEL valve or Taiwan ALPHA valve are CE approved, also the heater a

#1. The temperature is adjusted by the thermostat to control the heating temperature of the electric heating tube to ensure the use temperature.


#2. The bottom of the pot is rounded for easy cleaning.


#3. Handwheel screw drive, rationalized lifting results.


#4. The pot body has a tilting flip function, the pot automatically turns off the power, and has a faucet water injection function.


#5. Thicken the bottom of the pot, good heat transfer performance and high efficiency.


#6. During the use, it is forbidden to touch the pot body to avoid burns.


#7. The thermostat knob is anti-collision protection to prevent accidental damage to the valve.


#8. 15L water takes 11 minutes from normal temperature to 100 ℃.


#9. The table top is welded by splicing.


#10. Please install the inlet pipe before use, which is convenient to use.



#11. Temperature range: 50 ℃ - 270 ℃.

Gas Tilting Wok

Product Name Gas Tilting Wok
Model HKE-RCG-900
Dimensions 80*90*(85+12) cm
Power  25kw
Wok Dim  71*66*20 cm
Temperature range 50 ℃ - 270 ℃


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