Classification of commercial pizza ovens

Compared with ordinary small household pizza ovens, the biggest advantage of commercial pizza ovens is that they have high baking efficiency and facilitate rapid mass production.

Pizza ovens for ordinary commercial use are roughly divided into the following four types:


1. Brick kiln oven

Features: Have traditional feelings and need to burn fire.

Efficiency: Medium yield.

It is generally believed that the pizza baked in a brick oven is the best. In many high-end Italian restaurants or more authentic pizza restaurants, brick ovens are easier to see.

Brick kiln oven is a plot of many pizza lovers. Just as Chinese people generally believe that cooking soup in a casserole pot is better than cooking soup in a stainless steel pot, the pizza baked in a brick kiln oven is the most authentic pizza. The brick kiln oven has a high style and feelings! However, the shortcomings are more obvious, first of all, the area is larger. Secondly, because wood is used to burn fires, temperature control is a matter that relies heavily on experience and is not easy to master. Third, the temperature of each area in the furnace varies greatly, and the output rate of pizza baking is not high. Therefore, brick kiln ovens are suitable for high-end pizzerias and are not recommended for popular pizzerias.


Handmade Rotate Pizza Oven


2. Cabinet oven

Features: Use natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas as fuel, and the temperature rises quickly.

Efficiency: Medium yield.

The cabinet oven is a kind of oven that is widely used at present. But it is mainly used in bakeries and baking shops. Each layer can bake 4~6 large pizzas, and the average baking time is about 6~8 minutes. The advantages are high efficiency, batch roasting, and relatively small footprint. Taking the cost into consideration, this kind of oven is suitable for pizzerias with a mid-level pizza output, that is, during peak periods, they can sell about 25 pizzas an hour. In use, similar to brick kiln ovens, this kind of oven also has a phenomenon that the temperature at the rear is high and the temperature near the cabinet door is slightly lower. Therefore, when baking pizza, you need to open the cabinet door and rotate the pizza dough every few minutes , In order to achieve the purpose of uniform heating. Recommended for small-scale stores.


Electric Bakery Oven, 3 Layers


3. Crawler oven (fast production, high yield)

Conveyor ovens are generally used for mass production with high production efficiency and high degree of automation. They are used in many large chain pizza restaurants (such as Pizza Hut, Domino's, etc.), and are recommended for medium and large pizza shops.



4. Radiant oven (with hot wire, including most household ovens)

The radiant oven is used in the same way as most household ovens. The baking time is affected by the number and size of the pizza, and the temperature is prone to large changes, so the output rate is the lowest among these four mainstream ovens. However, the advantages are that the price is more acceptable, the operation is simple, and the flexibility is greater. Small pizzerias can be considered.


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