Hibachi or Teppan grill: what's the difference?

After 50 years of hard work, Osaka is not only the first one in Las Vegas, but also the best Japanese restaurant. Our commitment to excellence means that no matter the guests sit in our busy sushi bar, they can have an excellent experience, relax in a quiet tatami room, or surrounded by our exciting teppanyaki grill.


Teppanyaki or Hibachi Grill?

Guests sometimes wonder about the difference between Teppanyaki and Hibachi. Confusion is understandable because both involve barbecue on open fire. In the United States, "Japanese style" is sometimes used to refer to Teppanyaki cooking. At some time in the past, English speakers in North America began to use the term "Hibachi" to refer to a small portable grill, usually made of cast iron, with an open grate design Hibachis usually uses charcoal to heat food, which is called "shichirin" in Japanese. In the United States, some contemporary hibachis models are electric and are used to cook Japanese cuisine indoors.

Traditionally, Japan's hibachi is a kind of heating equipment, whose origin can be traced back to the Ping'an era (794-1185 A.D.) "Hibachi" translated as "fire bowl" refers to a round or cylindrical open container designed to burn charcoal or wood for heating. The container is made of ceramic or wood and lined with metal Hibachis is also sometimes used as a portable heater or built into furniture for instant cooking. Many models are highly decorative.

On the other hand, teppanyaki cooking uses a solid flat iron pot to cook food, usually in a restaurant. These grills are usually heated with propane. In the process of Cooking Seafood, beef, pork and chicken by specially trained teppanyaki chefs, gourmets sit around these large gas heaters and enjoy their cooking talents and skills. A flat surface is also ideal for cooking small, chopped accompaniments, such as rice, vegetables, and eggs.


Teriyaki Cooking

Another popular Japanese cuisine - do you want to cook as you like? Zhaoshao is a method of cooking with the same sauce Teriyaki means "baked with luster". In preparation, the meat is coated with this thin sauce, which is actually a sweet glaze made of soy sauce, sugar, sake and mirin. During the cooking process, the chef will continue to brush more sauce to keep the meat evenly coated and give it a very attractive luster appearance. The result is a rich dish with a salty, slightly sweet taste. Traditionally, Japanese cooking is used to season fatty fish such as tuna and eel, but its popularity in the United States has now made it widely used in chicken, salmon and beef. The thick version of zhaoshao sauce, which was originally used only for cooking, is now popular on Western-style tables as a dip sauce.


Enjoy the Teppanyaki barbecue and the attractive braised dishes in Osaka Japanese style restaurant

Osaka iron grill is a hot spot in Osaka Japanese tavern every night. Our talented Teppanyaki chefs bake the most attractive and delicious fresh barbecue dishes, from steak and lobster to chicken, salmon and shrimp, as well as mouth watering appetizers, barbecue vegetables, rice and other small dishes. Take your family and friends with you and enjoy the exciting authentic barbecue experience.

Looking for delicious braised dishes? In Osaka, you can also enjoy the chicken, beef and pork dishes roasted with our carefully made sauce. Grilled chicken kebabs are one of our most popular choices: grilled chicken kebabs with a perfect sauce that's aromatic and flavored. Our popular combination dinner allows you to combine beef, chicken or pork with our delicious shrimp and vegetable tempura, or choose the combination dinner of beef and chicken, and enjoy twice.

You can stop at Osaka Japanese Bistro in the w Sahara desert in Las Vegas, taste authentic Japanese food at Henderson's restaurant, or call us to make an appointment for today's Teppanyaki barbecue experience.


Hibachi or Teppan grill: what's the difference?