How to Maintain Japanese Teppanyaki Grill Table Restaurant Equipment?

Cookeryaki is a well-known teppanyaki equipment manufacturer in China. Our teppanyaki equipment has always been pursuing the enterprise tenet of fine workmanship, perfect quality and after-sales service in place.


Although teppanyaki is delicious and delicious, it is greasy after all, such as spices, food residues, oil and water, etc. will be left on the teppanyaki equipment after use. In order to make the Japanese Teppanyaki Grill Table Restaurant Equipment more durable, it is necessary to How to clean and maintain it? Today we will come to study well:


One, you need to clean after using Teppanyaki every time, you should clean the surface of Teppanyaki steel plate immediately, in order to make the surface of the steel plate clean and new, and wipe the water stains on it, we recommend using a soft cloth and a dry cloth Plate burning equipment;

Second, after drying the water stains, you can use some salad oil to drip on the surface of stainless steel hibachi grill table. Cookeryaki believes that you can wipe the salad oil with a clean soft cloth and wipe it again, so that the Teppanyaki equipment will be more bright;

Third, after cleaning the commercial hibachi grill, Cookeryaki recommends cleaning some related things, such as stainless steel suction hood, oil net and oil bucket, etc. In order to ensure the smoothness of the air pipe, the air pipe must be cleaned regularly. Grease

Fourth, Cookeryaki reminds the user to check all of them again at the end to ensure that the whole set of Teppanyaki equipment can be used next time.


Japanese Teppanyaki Grill Table Restaurant Equipment