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Ten years ago, teppanyaki equipment was not popular in China. Manufacturers can only push to foreign countries and compete with foreign manufacturers in this small market. It is conceivable that the funds that can be invested in research and development are naturally not much, but, yes For iron plate equipment, which is based on smoke-free, healthy, and environmentally friendly equipment, this is certainly not enough. However, Cookeryaki’s professional teppanyaki table equipment has a different concept from the street food carts. The street snack carts can be bought for just a few hundred dollars, while professional teppanyaki equipment cannot have such a price. The price of teppanyaki grill for sale generally exceeds 10,000, and the expensive ones range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.


But mobile teppanyaki equipment is a kind of environmentally friendly multi-purpose mechanical equipment that integrates teppanyaki, frying, barbecue and other delicacies. Compared with other teppanyaki equipment, the biggest feature of mobile tappanyaki grill equipment is that it is flexible and versatile. It can be moved wherever it is needed. If a consumer suddenly wants to add a dish, the chef can easily push it. Move the teppanyaki equipment to the front of consumers and cook on the spot. While meeting the needs of consumers, it can also bring consumers more freshness and consumption experience, reflecting the professionalism of the restaurant, which is the origin of the name of mobile. The mobile teppanyaki equipment is multi-purpose, easy to operate, and rich in varieties. The size standard is: 400*669*872mm (length * width * height), built-in fan (high temperature resistance, low noise), suitable for major hotels, restaurants, Villas and other areas. It has the functions of convenient movement, mobile operation, novel and beautiful, scientific structure, built-in smoke exhaust and oil fume purification, etc.; it meets the strict requirements of teppanyaki for environmental protection, health and hygiene, and has various cooking methods to avoid the defect of single taste. A rare cooking appliance.


Potential of teppanyaki grill for home is not only for roasting food, it also has special functions such as retaining the nutrients of the ingredients, and it is simple to operate and easy to clean. It is a professional cooking with many advantages and characteristics. equipment. Teppanyaki equipment has developed rapidly with the rise of teppanyaki cuisine, but this is not enough, it is a multi-functional equipment, it is not only suitable for teppanyaki, Japanese cuisine, Korean cuisine, Western food, Chinese food, etc. Etc., teppanyaki equipment is actually applicable, so the potential of teppanyaki is very powerful. The first is to clean the iron plate, after all, the first impression is the most important. Then there is the quality of the ingredients. Only good ingredients can make delicious dishes. The freshness of the teppanyaki ingredients is the most important, and various ideas are added to the ingredients. The level of teppanyaki is suitable, no matter what kind of ingredients need to be roasted, the moisture will evaporate at high temperature, and finally delicious dishes will appear. These are the things that should be paid attention to when making teppanyaki.


Mobile Teppanyaki Grill Table