Teppanyaki Grill Table Equipment Material & Routine Maintenance

Teppanyaki Grill Table Equipment Material Description:

1. Cooking Plate Material: food grade alloy steel, 20mm thick, No deformation, No discoloration.

2. The operation panel, the oil collection drawer, the oil filter plate, etc. are all made of 1.0mm stainless steel, and the suction port is made of 1.5mm mirror stainless steel.

3. Chef standing face baffle: 1.0mm 304# stainless steel plate.

4. Frame: 40*40*2.5mm tubing.

5. Teppanyaki Equipment customized built-in fan: exhaustive wind, low noise (380V/0.25KW).

6. High-voltage dissolved Purifier (97% processed): CE certification, (220V/0.25KW) (Imported product).

7. Electrothermal Heating: heated by electric heating tube, 380V/8KW, Advantages are:

    a. Made of imported 304# stainless steel, high thermal efficiency, good mechanical strength and good adaptability under bad work;

    b. The interior adopts a customized triple insulator, close to cooktop, low heat loss and better moisture resistance than similar products on the market. It is safe and reliable to use;

    c. Resistance of fouling and corrision, innovative design, convenient for later cleaning and maintenance;

    d. Evenly heat, heating takes about 20 minutes, easy to operate, no visual flame, temperature difference is ±20 ℃(68℉).

8. Electromagnetic Heating: heated by electric magnet disc, 380V/8KW. Advantages are:

    a. Adopting German imported core technology in research and development;

    b. The main heating area can be increased according to the size of the device, and according to the coupling effect, the heat loss is small, evenly heat and high thermal efficiency;

    c. Electromagnetic radiation is only 18K-35K, European national standard is below 100K;

    d. Fast heating speed, high temperature control, strong temperature control, environmental protection and energy saving, temperature difference is ±1 ℃, easy to operate;

    e. Built in leakage protection and overload protection devices.

9. Gas Fired: Double-ring double-fire burner, liquefied gas: 0.89 kg / hour, natural gas: 1.2 cubic / hour.

10. Accessories: stainless steel exhaust hood, oil net, oil pocket, 1/9 pot, gravity foot, universal wheels.

11. Single unit air volume 2500 cubic meters / hour.

schematic diagram of teppanyaki decomposition


Common After-Sales Quality Problems And Maintenance Methods:

(1) The line is aging or falling off;

(2) The switch is broken;

(3) The contactor is broken;

(4) The thermostat is broken or disturbed;

(5) Heating is not normal (according to material):

a. Gas: It may be that the burner is blocked or the gas is insufficient;

b. Induction cooker: generally the host is bad;

c. Electric heating pipe: It may be that the electric heating pipe is broken;

d. Electric aluminum plate: It may be that the electric heating tube is broken.

(6) Oil leakage.


Daily maintenance methods and precautions for teppanyaki equipment (countertop maintenance, electrical maintenance, etc.):

1. Do not use cold water to pour it under high temperature conditions.

2. Iron after use, clean up the clean plate surface, and dry water stains, oil stains, to keep the plate surface is bright and clean.

3. Clean up after, salad, a small amount of oil is laid on the table, with 100 clean cloth to wipe the brightness of the display.

4. 100 clean cloth wipe after wipe clean the table and a small amount of salad oil;

5. Every day before work cleaning plate burning equipment suction cover, oil and oil drawer;

6. prohibition to stainless steel pump inlet flue reversing garbage, waste oil, sewage and other debris, to prevent the blockage of the flue;

7. Wind pipe should be regular cleaning up the oil, to ensure the smooth duct.

8. Turn off the control switch first, then turn off the main switch (especially the electric disk).

9. All switches must be turned off when the device is not in use.


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