Teppanyaki Hibachi Grill Table | Configuration Determines Price

Many customers who buy teppanyaki equipment are most concerned about the price of teppanyaki equipment, but a good teppanyaki equipment must have the following characteristics in order to judge whether the Hotel Teppanyaki hibachi grill table equipment is worth using the price.


Customizable Electric Heating Teppanyaki Grill Table must have the following characteristics:


1. Main system:

Gas: 10 inch cast iron burner, teppanyaki temperature controlled by gas switch;

Electric heating: the electromagnetic aluminum plate and the electromagnetic copper plate are heated, and the temperature of the iron plate is controlled by an automatic microcomputer temperature controller. The temperature is fast and the effect of constant temperature is good. It has the functions of energy saving and environmental protection and low carbon.


2. Insulation system: The area other than heat injection is the insulation system. Its temperature is controlled below 100 degrees, and the humanized design avoids the hidden safety hazards caused by customers curiously touching the teppanyaki countertops.


3. Air suction protection system: prevent the small food materials from being sucked into the equipment from the air inlet, causing the odor caused by the rotten food materials.


4. Fireproof valve system: the function of preventing the ming fire from entering the exhaust duct, and eliminating the hidden dangers caused by the ming fire.


5. Disposal system: Make the recycling of the waste inside the equipment normal circulation.


6. Double oil fume treatment system: The equipment has its own filter screen and oil collection drawer to prevent a large amount of oil pollution from entering the pipeline and dripping directly in the oil collection drawer.


7. Cookeryaki (exclusive patent) water purification, water cooling, water circulation system: through high pressure, low dates, water pump circulation, and water transport filtration, cooling oil smoke temperature, discharging fresh natural air.


8. Cookeryaki (exclusive patent) lampblack purifier system: adopts high-voltage electrostatic and plasma nanotechnology, and is certified by the national environmental protection.


9. Cookeryaki (exclusive patent) ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization system: using South Korean imported 2-pole tube, ultraviolet ozone, sterilization, disinfection, air outlet and exhaust air more environmentally friendly, voltage 380w power 8W.


10. Cookeryaki (exclusive patent) electromagnetic movement: It adopts the electromagnetic movement imported from Germany and Japanese electrical components, microcomputer, full numerical control operation, automatic constant temperature and automatic control. Independent electric box, one-touch opening for 3 minutes can reach about 200 degrees, voltage 380W power 8W.


Teppanyaki Hibachi Grill Table | Configuration Determines Price