The Versatility Of Plancha Or Teppanyaki Grill

In addition to barbecue, grill or Teppanyaki grill is a flexible cooking equipment, which can also be used in the following various cooking techniques. Please note that the pan or pan can be placed directly on the cooking surface of the grill.

Sautéing - refers to "throwing while cooking". This method involves the use of a small amount of grease in an extremely heated pot or pan.

Baking - this is a way of browning bread by radiant heat. The brown of bread is the result of Maillard reaction, which makes bread hard and delicious.

Slow stew – this technique uses hot liquids (below the boiling point of water) to cook food. Boiling is a gentler method than boiling to avoid decomposition or hardening of food.

Light fry - this method is usually used to cook small pieces of meat, fish, vegetables or patties. The food is partially immersed in oil.

Stir fry - this is a Chinese cooking technique that involves using a small amount of hot oil. Stir the ingredients in a round bottom cooking container called a wok.

Pan frying - this technique uses a small amount of oil, much less oil or fat than shallow frying. The oil is only used to lubricate the pots and pans.

Browning – this process refers to the initial cooking of meat surfaces to eliminate excess fat. This will give the meat a brownish flavour and skinning.

Blackening - promoted by chef Paul prudhomee, this method is used to prepare Indian food. The food is then soaked in a mixture of spices and herbs and melted butter. Then cook in a very hot cast iron pot.

These are some of the cooking methods you can use to Teppanyaki or plancha grill. Because of its versatility, you can cook almost everything on this device.


The Versatility Of Plancha Or Teppanyaki Grill