What is Hibachi? Introduction to Hibachi

What is Hibachi?

People usually think that Hibachi is the same thing as Teppanyaki, but this is a huge misunderstanding! This is because they are two completely different things. Hibachi is a Japanese word translated into the bowl of fire. Hibachi is like a round stove that cooks with charcoal.

Now, Hibachi is no longer a newcomer to the culinary world. In fact, people think that Hibachi has existed for hundreds of years. It goes back to ancient Japan. Hibachi cuisine is very easy to make, mainly because Hibachi barbecues require little or no skills.


Who invented HIBACHI?

It is believed that Hibachi first appeared when the Japanese began to use metal in cooking utensils, but there are signs that it was invented earlier (about 79-1185 A.D.), and the first was made of Cypress wood lined with clay.

Hibachi became one of Japan's first contributions to cooking because of its simplicity. Shortly afterwards, Hibachi merged with Japan's rich culture. Hibachis is heavily decorated and is often part of a Japanese ritual.


What is Japanese style Hibachi food?

Hibachi-style food is a barbecue of meat, seafood and vegetable dishes on a very hot cooking surface, located on a ceramic or wooden bowl with charcoal burning. Reserved charcoal gives it unique flavor.

The main attraction of Hibachi catering is entertainment. When you join our Hibbage dinner, you will have a good time.


Use HIBACHI throughout history

These ancient Hibachi are still available today, and their designs still confuse people, such as the handicraft of the hibachi. Hibachi is mainly used for heating, but with the passage of time, the use of Hibachi is increasing and becoming very diverse. It's even used for cigarette lighting!

During World War II, the army used two Hibaki people to cook food on the battlefield. It just shows how deeply Hibachi is rooted in Japanese culture. In fact, before World War II, Hibachi was the most commonly used cooking tool in Japan. It is common to find Hibachi in public places such as railway stations, bus stations and hospital waiting rooms.


HIBACHI is at home

Hibachi is easy to make at home, just like Teppanyaki. An important reason for this is that Hibachi does not need as many fancy operations as it needs to complete its tasks. What you need most is hibachi's "fire bowl" and some charcoal.

I'd like to try this more traditional method in the near future so that you can fully understand Japanese cooking. A few years ago, I bought this desktop version from Amazon myself, and it was great from the beginning.

You can choose a variety of ingredients, but for beginners, it is usually recommended that you choose simple vegetables or steak. Hibachi grill is a bit difficult, because Hibachi is not your traditional barbecue grill. Therefore, this will require some habits.

Usually, people cook food on Hibachi using a special condiment called Hibachi condiment. If you can use this soy sauce nail, your food will be delicious. If you use a ceramic oven, you should be extra careful, because any slip may cause all the hot ingredients to fall on you and cause serious burns.