What is the best electric griddles and its used for?

What is the electric griddles?

The electric griddle is a kind of teppanyaki. It is capable of cooking all types of ingredients and retains the original flavor of the ingredients. Healthy and delicious is a major feature.

It is mainly used in hotels, restaurants, snack food stores, canteens, snack stalls and other places. It can be used in high-end places, but it can also used in street food.


What is an electric griddles used for? (What can you cook on a electric griddles?)

Cookeryaki will tell you. Electric griddles can be used to fry a variety of foods.
1. Meat products such as steak, chicken wings, chicken, bacon rolls, pork neck, lamb, lamb rolls, fat beef, beef rolls, etc...
2, vegetables such as asparagus, Bailing mushroom, cabbage, cabbage, mushrooms, chicken legs, green peppers...
3, seafood such as scallops, green mussels, phoenix shrimp, prawns, squid rings, etc. can be used to do.
4, the staple foods are rice, fried noodles, etc., can be fried in an electric griddles, and is hygienic, safe and fast.


What is the best electric griddle?

Buy electric griddle afraid of being fooled, don't worry, there have the best used electric griddle!

Speaking of electric griddle, today the author gives you some real points. For everyone who is serious about catering, introduce a really good, popular and best electric oven - Cookeyaki Free-Standing Electric Griddle (700 series).


700S Electric Griddle (2/3 Flat & 1/3 Grooved) With Cabinet  electric griddle parameters


Cookeyaki Electric Griddle's Processing Structure

- Two-field: one field is technology, other field is art.

It is made of heat-resistant heat-insulating material and polished through multiple processes. The surface is smooth and translucent. Double-layer insulation process, user-friendly design, easy to use and long life.

An automatic thermostat controller is provided to set the desired temperature to allow the cooked ingredients to be processed at the most suitable temperature.

The temperature controller is located on the furnace surface, and the temperature control number is two. There are two heating zones on one griddle palte, which can be used alone or simultaneously. The left thermostat controls the temperature of the rocker on the left and the thermostat on the right controls the temperature of the rocker on the right. Different ingredients can be processed differently at the same time, efficient and energy efficient.

The lengthen-design of the oil tank is located in the lower cabinet and can be extracted at will, making it easy to clean. There is space in the lower cabinet, and items such as ingredients and condiments are placed, which is convenient and practical.


700S Electric Griddle (2/3 Flat & 1/3 Grooved) With Cabinet