700S Electric Heated Lava Rock Griddle with Cabinet

The volcanic stone has excellent thermal conductivity and strong adsorption capacity. The barbecue starts quickly and has high efficiency. It is easy to control the heating zone and heating temperature. The temperature, duration and degree of heating is e


Product Features:

1. The temperature is adjusted by the temperature controller to control the heating temperature of the electric heating tube, thereby ensuring the temperature of the inclined grate.

2. With volcanic stone inside, the firepower is even, durable and strong.

3. Configure the pull-type activity oil pan for easy grease collection and cleaning.

4. Set insulation board inside to improve thermal efficiency and prevent external overheating.

5. It takes only 14 minutes to heat up to the maximum use temperature, and the barbecue area is kept at 260 °C.

6. During use, do not touch the grate on the hand to avoid burns.

7. Temperature range: 50 ℃ -- 270 ℃.

700S Electric Heated Lava Rock Griddle with Cabinet

Product Name 700S Electric Heated Lava Rock Griddle with Cabinet
Model XKE-DH-700
Dimensions 70*70*(85+6) cm
Power 7.5 kw
Voltage 380V/50HZ
Grids Size 525*(150*4 PCS)


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