Choice of Commercial Pizza Oven | Open a Pizza Shop

To open a pizza restaurant, the first thing you need is planning. First, you investigate how many competitors are in your area, how much are the competitors' prices, how many potential customers, how many outlets you have, and whether you plan to do takeaway or eat in the store?

How many manpower are needed to calculate all your own costs? After finishing the above, I will start to choose ovens. Generally, the output of household pizza ovens is very low, and it is not recommended for commercial preparations in large quantities.

Generally, pizza ovens are divided into three main types. The first type is crawler pizza oven. The price of 9-10 inch pizzas that can bake about 20-30 in one hour is between 230,000 and 70,000. The advantages are high output, but the disadvantages are gas consumption. Large, the gas cost is about 40-50 per hour, which is expensive.


Commercial crawler pizza oven


The second is a Lava Rock Pizza Oven, which bakes about 10 times per hour. It is a gas-fired type. The advantages can be used to improve the gimmick and improve the grade. The disadvantages are that the machine is expensive and the practicability is too poor, and the operator’s salary is about 5000-6000, the cost Very high, very low output, suitable for the professional high-end consumer market.


P Series - Handmade Rotate Pizza Oven


The third type is the new gas universal pizza oven, which produces 55-60 pans of 10-inch pizza in one hour, and the gas capacity is 25-30 yuan per hour. It can bake and bake pasta and rice. The operability is very good and only a general operator is required. , Because of the timing temperature control and automatic rotation, the price is the most favorable. Compared with the above two, the disadvantage is that the size is large.


US Style Gas Convection Oven