Lava Rock Pizza Oven | Italian Pizza Oven

Pizza is a kind of food that originated in Italy; it is baked in an oven; the original Italian pizza oven uses a simple earthen kiln and uses wood burning to heat it. This method It's awkward, inefficient, and unsanitary.

After development, people began to use ovens for heating. Electric or gas can be used. This method has solved the problem of low efficiency and unsanitary to a certain extent, but the taste has deteriorated and the original taste of pizza has been lost; in order to be able to take into account all aspects. In terms of making pizza truly commercialized without losing its original taste, Cookeryaki has developed a more advanced lava stone pizza oven.

Lava stone is a stone erupted by a volcano. It can be used in the decoration industry after being polished and trimmed into various regular shapes. Lava stone is rich in a variety of trace elements that are beneficial to the human body, and its unique structure makes its heat preservation effect very good; Cookeryaki The industry uses volcanic lava as the inner liner of the pizza kiln, and is equipped with three heating methods: gas, fruit wood, and electricity, which not only improves the efficiency and safety, but also brings the taste of pizza back to the original.

Compared with the crawler pizza oven, the baking speed of the lava rock pizza oven is very amazing. The former takes 5-6 minutes, and the latter only takes 90 seconds. The exterior decoration of the lava rock pizza oven is personalized and suitable for placing The lobby allows customers to experience face-to-face, and the effect is extraordinary. At present, major pizza shops have successively adopted such pizza kilns.


Italian Lava Rock Pizza Oven