Smokeless Teppanyaki Table Exhaust Pipe Installation Method

Imagine when customers are happy to come to your restaurant to enjoy the food, but they frown because of the problem of fume. Do you think that there are still many possibilities for customers to look back?

If there is the same Teppanyaki restaurant to compete with you, and their home will not have oil fumes plaguing customers, customers will immediately abandon you. If you are a customer yourself, I believe you will make the same choice!

The installation of the exhaust pipe of the teppanyaki equipment is unreasonable, which not only reduces the space of the restaurant, but also affects the consumption of the consumer and reduces the consumption experience, resulting in significant loss to the restaurant.

Therefore, the installation of the exhaust pipe of the Teppanyaki Equipment must be taken seriously! Before that, you can read the article "Determination Of The Direction of The Exhaust Vent Of The Teppanyaki Equipment" to determine the location of the exhaust port and the specific installation method.

The method of exhausting smoke from teppanyaki equipment is mainly divided into two types: upper exhaust and lower exhaust.

upper exhaust  lower exhaust


Below, I will share with you the four methods of installing the exhaust pipe of Teppanyaki equipment.

Teppanyaki table equipment near the outer wall:

Teppanyaki exhaust pipe installation 1

In this case, the exhaust pipe of the Teppanyaki Table Equipment can be discharged to the roof along the outer wall surface, and can be directly discharged if conditions permit.


Teppanyaki equipment is installed in the center of the restaurant, with a certain distance from the outer wall:

The first type: the exhaust pipe extends along the inner wall to the ceiling layer, to the pipe well or to the main exhaust pipe for discharge.

Teppanyaki exhaust pipe installation 2


The second type: the obstacle between the primary layer of the ceiling and the upper floor is penetrated, so that the exhaust pipe extends between the primary ceiling layer and the upper floor, and then is connected to the pipe well or the main exhaust pipe for discharge.

Teppanyaki exhaust pipe installation 3


The third type: almost the same as the previous one, but one is extended to the ceiling layer, and the other is extended to the upper level of the pad, which is also connected to the pipe well or connected to the main exhaust pipe for discharge.

Teppanyaki exhaust pipe installation 4


It is simple to say that Smoke-Free Teppanyaki Griddle Equipment is required to meet the requirements, but it takes a lot of thoughts on production and installation. If you don't understand the installation of equipment and exhaust pipes, it is recommended to find a manufacturer with good quality and one-stop service!

In the initial design, good equipment has been considerated very comprehensive. The requirements to be met by smokeless equipment are simple, but a lot of painstaking effort spent on production. Many restaurants choose some low-priced manufacturers to buy, and the restaurant business has been very It is dull, and the life of machinery and equipment is very short, so it is difficult to emit soot; then it is very troublesome to solve the problem when it is encountered, so we must find a regular manufacturer when we choose equipment before the restaurant opens. For example, Cookeryaki's teppanyaki uses imported configuration, the fume adopts the principle of flight path, and the air-valve has undergone strict production requirements. Their high-end smoke-free environmentally friendly Teppanyaki equipment research and development, with the pursuit of excellence in manufacturing processes and environmentally friendly fashion design, has enabled many restaurants to achieve the goal of profitability.

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